Handgjorda exklusiva bakverk till event, bröllop och fest

lördag 6 december 2008


white and pink cupcakes for Tilda´s christening...

vanilla cake, with raspberry and dark chocolate filling

topped with cream cheese frosting and hand made sugar decorations

lördag 22 november 2008

o´gorgeous baking cups!

I made theese cupcakes for www.vestlihouse.com to match and bring out the best of their gorgeous baking cups.
go and check them out!

måndag 10 november 2008

o´pinks & browns

mosaic with some of my pinks and browns, wich seems to have been the most popular colour combo lately...

söndag 9 november 2008


I want to thank all my readers for your sweet comments and e-mails. I really appreciate it!
I´m so sorry I can´t answer them all. All I can say right now is, that things are happening in my life right now, that is keeping me busy...
I´ll keep you updated ;-)

Until then, here is a swedish recipe for macarons(from arla) for all my swedish readers!


4 dl florsocker
125 g skållad och mald sötmandel
1 1/4 dl äggvita, ca 3-4 äggvitor
1/2 dl strösocker
ev 2 droppar karamellfärg

Sätt ugnen på 150˚C. Sikta ner florsocker och mandel i en bunke. I en annan bunke: Vispa äggvitan med en elvisp, först på låg hastighet, öka efter hand. Tillsätt strösockret, vispa till en fast marängsmet. Det tar ca 5 minuter. Häll i de torra ingredienserna i marängen och blanda varsamt. Spritsa, eller klicka ut med två teskedar, ca 50 klickar stora som femkronor på plåt med bakplåtspapper. Låt kakorna vila ca 15 minuter på plåten, vilan gör att dom inte spricker i ugnen. Baka i nedre delen av ugnen i ca 12 minuter. Kakorna ska vara lite mjuka i mitten. Dra av bakplåtspappret från plåten till köksbänken, direkt när kakorna kommit ur ugnen. Låt kakorna kallna.
Lots of Love,

torsdag 9 oktober 2008


* chocolate cake, dulce leche, mocca mousse
* chocolate cake, fresh strawberries, white chocolate mascarpone mousse
* white cake, lemoncurd, lemoncurd/mascarpone mousse
*white cake, fresh strawberries, rouse mousse

fredag 26 september 2008

o´ floating flowers!

I made this weddingcake for Joel & Sofia... Their friend has made the most gorgeous bird cake topper to crown it. I hope they´ll send me a picture of the cake with the caketopper so that I can show you!

the cake: chocolate cake, raspberries, white chocolate cream cheese filling
cupcakes: chocolate cake without eggs and cream cheese frosting

lördag 20 september 2008

o´ happy birthday alice!

white vanilla cake
lemon mascarpone filling
meringue discs

tisdag 16 september 2008


wedding cupcakes with top cutting cake to go on a cupcake stand for beautiful couple Helena & Peter.
Once again I didn´t have the time to photograph them myself, but I´m thankful for theese pictures taken by someone at the wedding.
Theme colours of the wedding was chocolate brown/white/silver.

lemon yoghurt cake, lemoncurd, white chocolate cream cheese frosting. cake was covered in white chocolate fondant. The white roses and rose buds on the cake and cupcakes are all hand made.

torsdag 21 augusti 2008

o´cherry blossom!

Here is some more pictures on the "o´cherry blossom" cupcake tower I made for Anna & Ubbe. I didn´t have the possibility to see or photograph the cake and cupcakes when all set up, myself, so I´m very happy to show you theese beautiful pictures taken by the talanted swedish photographer Brigitte Grenfeldt!
Take a minute to follow the link to her blog, and look at more pictures from Anna & Ubbe´s amazing pink themed fairytale wedding (and all of Brigittes other pictures)!
Especially all you brides and grooms to be, that´s looking for the perfect photographer for your wedding!
Thank you so much Brigitte for letting me use your beautiful pictures!

(this is how the couple announced their new family name "Lovesand" for all the guests!)

söndag 3 augusti 2008

o´cherry blossom!

Cupcakes and cutting cake for a wedding. It included cupcakes with pink frosting and brown blossoms aswell, but I didn´t have time to photograph them.
(Please excuse the bad pictures)

chocolate cake with raspberries, white chocolate cream cheese filling and dark chocolate frosting.

lördag 26 juli 2008

o´rose weddingcake!

chocolate cake
chocolate ganache and raspberries
white chocolate mascarpone mousse
swiss meringue buttercream
roses and small fowers hand made out of sugar paste

måndag 14 juli 2008


I made these cupcakes for my lovely younger sister Matilda on her prom night... Just a little sweet treat for her, while my older sister and I was making her hair and makeup.
oh she was SO pretty!

chocolate cupcake, nutella filling, chocolate glaze

lördag 28 juni 2008


Testing out some new tastes...
violet, pistachio, liqourice, salty caramel, rose, vanilla

lördag 21 juni 2008

o´butterfly wedding cake!

lower tire: yellow cake, orange mousse, chocolate/orange mousse
upper tiers: yellow cake, chocolate mousse, raspberry cream cheese filling

lördag 14 juni 2008


chocolate cake
dark chocolate truffle
milk chocolate mousse
swiss meringue buttercream

måndag 2 juni 2008


Here is pictures on some of the goodies I made for my darling daughter´s birthday/blessing we had in Citykonditoriet!

Photography: Tintin Vidhammer and Matilda Andrä


vanilla cupcake with strawberry flavoured poured fondant
sugar flowers and pearls
(great alternative if you need a cupcake that doesn´t need to be refrigerated!)